Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alone in Maldives for the New Year...

This New Year, did not want to spend the precious 3 continuous day holiday in Qatar, I went to Maldives, since visa is not required and it is not so far from Qatar that I could use my mileage for the one way ticket. Most people going to Maldives, will go to the resort islands. I tried to find one for me, but I gave up and decided that it is better to stay in Male, the capital, since I am traveling alone and it will give me chance to see local people life. And I did. I could see the local people life. It was interesting to see how so small island can be one single independent country. Maybe the leaders were so clever, turning the country into one major tourist destination, instead of just country live on fishery.
I stayed in 3 stars hotel, Marble Hotel, in a room with nice sea view. First day, I went to Vilingili Island, 15 minutes boat ride from a jetty near my hotel. The island served like a suburb to Male. The sunset view was good. I met one Japanese traveller and we had dinner together.
I was so sick with my coughing that I only stayed on my bed on the countdown to the New Year.
The second day, I went to Hulmale Island, the huge man made island, served as future Maldives?! The artificial beach was long and fantastic. I did some swimming and snorkeling, and took my first underwater photo and video with my Olympus compact camera.
Then I went to Hulhule Island or the airport island. Went to the island hotel and did some more snorkeling in the hotel beach.
At night, I went to interesting new year event in Male, the body building competition. Only light class was competed, maybe the protein from fish only is enough to build body for light class?! :)
Not only body building competition, there were also fashion show, Stomp show (copy of Broadway one), band, and in the end, the fireworks.
The last day, since it was too expensive to take a tour to a resort island, I just went to the submarine. It was interesting first experience, but not so many fish we could see. Met with 4 nice Malaysian and went together to the souvenir shop.
Here is the best five of my Maldives experience:
1. Attending the New Year event at Male, the body bulding competition, the Stomp, the model show, the band, and the fireworks.
2. Swimming, snorkelling, watching locals at Hulmale Island artificial beach.
3. Fish market at Male, watching huge fish being chopped out.
4. The sunset at Vilingili Island.
5. Eating local food at local restaurant in Male.


adib said...

yah had a nice time in Male'. tak sempat kita dinner sama ya. Pukul berapa kamu balik haritu?

Mas Joel said...

iya tuh, tak sempat...
aku sempat ke restaurant itu jam 18 kurang...